The practice of generosity.



As long as there has been a Teaching to teach there has been a tradition of support for that Teaching. In the east, it is understood that the practice of generosity forms the bedrock of spiritual practice. This tradition has evolved into a system where the interdependence of the schools and their community is implicit. The communities take seriously the reciprocal responsibility for supporting the Teachings and those who devote themselves to giving them. 

The act of intentionally sharing one’s time, energy or material resources is understood to enhance one’s capacity for letting go of attachments. This letting go is a central facet of the path to freedom from suffering. 
When we practice generosity many supportive qualities of mind are being developed that lead us to ever deepening happiness and freedom. We are cultivating compassion through the caring for the welfare of others, by supporting a school and a system that works to alleviate suffering from the planet and its inhabitants. 

The Gnostic Teachings are priceless and given freely, though the operation of a school and a space for its community to gather & practice has its costs (rent, utilities, materials, etc.) This Gnostic Center, like many others throughout the world, is not-for-profit, autonomous and supported by donations from its community. Gnosis is not a business and no one involved in running the center is making income for their service. Feeling that they have received what is priceless, they give the teachings openly.

If you feel that you have received we ask in turn that you give to help provide an opportunity for others to receive. The greatest payment that we can make is to apply the teachings to awaken our consciousness but each donation, be it financial or of service, is deeply appreciated.