& Revelation

This is a group for anyone interested in learning about Gnosis. “Gnosis” is a word that means “knowing”, so this is not a group that practices some ancient belief system or religion, but a contemporary tradition aimed at the development of all of our human possibilities through the study and practice of a set of universal principles of self-discovery and inner development found in the sciences, philosophies, arts and spiritual traditions of human cultures throughout history.

Putting these universal principles into action in our lives brings real, immediate and lasting positive change and a growing level of freedom and happiness that makes us more productive in every area of life: as family members, workers, students, citizens, partners, etc.

The below curriculum is a weekly course of 33 lessons which spans the course of about a year, serving as a foundation for the further development of the study of esotericism and the science and ethics of meditation in a more in-depth manner.

Anyone is welcome to attend one; however, as the classes and practices build on one another, consistent weekly attendance is expected. If you decide not to continue on with the classes at any point, you are free to stop attending with no further obligations.

" Gnosis lives in deeds, withers away in abstractions and is difficult to find in even the noblest of thoughts." 
-Samael Aun Weor

Introductory Course Curriculum

This listing constitutes the lessons taught in the First Chamber, or foundational course, which is required to participate in all further levels of study.

1. Introduction to Gnosis
2. The Four Ways
3. The Two Lines of Life
4. Need, Greed & Bliss
5. Consciousness, Personality & the Animal Ego
6. The Human Machine & the Pluralized I
7. The Three Brains & How to Solve Problems
8. The Three Minds
9. The Universal Mind
10. The Spatial Sense & the Fourth Dimension
11. The Awakening of Consciousness
12. Learning How to Listen
13. Return, Recurrence & Reincarnation
14. The Laws of Karma & Dharma
15. The Mysteries of Life & Death, Part 1
16. The Mysteries of Life & Death, Part 2

17. Evolution, Involution, Revolution

18. The Seven Rounds & Seven Races
19. The Origin of the I
20. The Lunar Influence
21. The Hidden Face of our Psychological Moon
22. Universal Sound
23. The Seven Cosmos
24. The Tree of Life
25. The Study of the Solar Man
26. The Seven Types of Man
27. Psychic Development
28. Transformation of Impressions
29. Prana, Tattwas & Pranayama
30. Sexual Hydrogen SI-12
31. Astral Travel
32. The New Age of Aquarius
33. The Pancatattwa Ritual


Gnostic Meditation

Meditation is an integral and foundational element to our way of life.We begin teaching 

meditation techniques immediately and slowly build a strong foundation so that we can experience revelation within.

Concentration, meditation, and ecstasy are the three fundamental steps of Gnostic meditation. Concentration is to fix all the attention, all our spiritual Being, on a certain point, internal or external to our physical body. Meditation is when the subject and object become one and the same. And this is only possible through the spiritual Being. Ecstasy is the direct experience of this loving union between the subject and the object. The following speaks to the asana or posture of the physical body for Gnostic meditation

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